This is a part of a series of poems done three years ago. Apparently experiencing extreme emotional poles can do wonders to one's poetic side (this is a paean to my best Friend). MS Word records the date I put it on file: Saturday, July 29, 2000, 10:12:58 PM


Sweetness, sweet witness… That would I ask for a peek.
What other surprise have you got up on your sleeves?
Gifts and treasures I have received
With a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face
It amazes me still how you’re capable of surprising me

I thought you’d like to know
I saw someone that I liked today.
You've heard the request I sent your way
You just smiled and patted my back
"I have something much better in mind!
Someone so unique and a much better find.
The plan I have you don’t have a clue
I have booked that someone for somebody but you."

How I pouted and wrinkled my brow.
You held me in your arms and soothe my soul.
"Have I ever withheld anything that I wanted you to have?"
"Just wait!"
is your answer for now

Now, I see a smile you cannot conceal
An excitement builds within as you hide it behind your back.
I asked for a look you said, "It's not yet time."
I tried to guess who but you replied, "Never you mind!"
But I know that same smile and twinkle in your eye.
"I have it right here. Do not worry… It's safe in my hands."

Sweetness, oh sweet witness… That would I ask for a peek
Of that surprise you got up on your sleeves.
A gift, a treasure I will receive.
For that twinkle in your eye and smile on your face
Assures me it's all going to be worth my wait.


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