Comic Compilation Update: Someone in the mailing list asked me to consider sticking to the traditional print format since the masses are as yet unfamiliar with my work. The letter sender has a point but I don't think I'm even aiming at the masses with the book (the material and humor of the strips doesn't even reach out to these folks). I replied with the following reasons why I'm leaning more in favor of this new and experimental medium:

1. The mere fact that the strip is new and as of yet, unknown, financially speaking the CD-ROM format presents a better safety net since the number of pieces to be produced can be limited to just about the necessary numbers needed. Instead of paying a printing press around P100,000.00 to print a minimum of 1,000 or maybe 2,000 pieces, for a third of the price I would be able to hire a computer graphic designer that would be able to design an interactive program and produce the CD. Thereby avoiding a huge financial problem and having less commitments to get rid off if ever the compilation fails to sell.

2. I would get a better feel of the people who would be buying the stuff. Instead of hiring and marketing my work in big chain bookstores, I could sell these in conventions and through planned advertising through MLs and forums. The CD-ROM would have a small booklet inside it just like audio CDs have booklets in them.

3. The CD-ROM would feature additional features that the book cannot offer like background music, interactive features, maybe even an animation. It would be dynamic enough to justify the format.

4. The selling price of the CD-ROM at will definitely be lower than the cost of a printed book. And if ever the format works enough then the money from the sales it generates would go to produce the book format.

And these are the only two cons I can think of that goes against this format:

1. Complete dependence on the computer to be able to read the strips. I'm just going to base this experiment on the success of some online comics that eventually went to print.

2. The CD may be damaged in some way. I'll prolly offer an exchange within a period of one week.

I do hope I made the correct assumptions with regards to the pricing. I haven't even started canvassing yet for the price of production. Should I put it in a box? Should I make two types of packs? If I include a poster, should I keep it rolled up or should I fold it inside the CD case? What kind of printing should I use: laser printing or offset? Which will cost me more in the long run? And this my dear friends is just the tip of the iceberg.