Spa Movie Theatre

If I were tasked to organize party (my birthday party at least) in the first spa movie theatre in the country I would start with the Summer/Beach party theme with refillable popcorn, bite size sandwiches, and ice tea while everybody's watching their choice of either Seinfeld, Friends, Harry Potter on the big screen while getting their own foot spa. Then when everybody's good and ready we'll go start with the Scene It? (with the choice of the same theme as listed above) or Wii game with everybody participating and having the best time of their lives.

Afterwards, we'll wind down with videoke while getting another round of scalp massage or foot spa till everyone's happy and contended with the best time they've ever had.

* * *

Get to know more about this unique place by clicking this Blog Tech News entry or just go directly to the Blue Water Day Spa website for more details.


Kitten for Adoption

I picked up this kitten by the side of the road some three weeks ago when I was on my way home. Someone left it to die outside in the rain and di ko naman makayang iwanan. She was real skinny at the time (mas payat pa kesa dyan sa picture) but she's got a healthy appetite ever since she was adopted by my other Siamese na kapapanganak lang (that's the adopted brother sa tabi niya sa picture). Di ko siya kayang alagaan ng matagal since I already have too many cats and other pets pa.

So do send me a message with your number if you're a cat lover willing to give this beautiful kitten a very good forever home.




I temporarily changed the old format of this blog since something went really wrong with the old one. I tried to change some codes on the HTML format after getting some practice in the offline version (which worked). Until I can figure some way to get the original format to start publishing my entries then I guess this will have to do. Isn't it neat?

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Here's a pretty good reaction from artist Whilce Portacio to the Hulk movie that some people didn't like. I liked it.
Subject: Re: [alamat] Re: The Hulk: My turn to nitpick and grit!

Saw "Hulk" the day after it came out and loved it. Strange phenomenon...beforehand watching the trailers the CGI seemed rubbery but while actually watching the movie it didn't seem rubbery at all. As a film buff I was amazed at Ang's use of video transition effects in order to mimic comicbook panels. Split screen has been used before especially in the 70's and in Star Wars movies but here he shows everybody how to use them purposefully, he's created another video language. The action scenes surpass the Matrix Reloaded in their granduer and sheer chaos. The sense of power shown in the destruction was what I was expecting in Reloaded. The only people I have noted that didn't like the movie were the ones hoping for light entertainment like "Spiderman"...Ang's "Hulk" is dark, scary, and powerful...I hope this starts a trend in Hollywood where serious professional film directors decide to use the creative freedom that is inherent in the Superhero genre and make serious, lasting movies about the human condition like Ang Lee's "Hulk"...


Grrrr! I still can't figure out this HTML-thingie! Heffer SMASH!!!


I finished the first of two planned online portfolios here. This first one contains pen and ink sketches I did on a very grand sketchpad with a red cover (hence the title). But it's still tentative and if I get to think of a more appropriate title for the album, out it goes. Hehehe... I'm musing here that people might think there's a commie meaning behind it. I'm also thinking the "red" comes from the sense that art is my life's blood too. Hmmm... deep. Cool.


I just cleaned out my personal work space of all the scratch papers, plastic bags, books, sketches, fax papers, receipts, and an assortment of junk. Funny how artists in general can work right through a disorderly environment (I prefer to call it chaotic order) to produce something orderly and b-e-a-utiful. People marvel at the clean lines my final work produces, if they saw how I pencilled them first they'd be surprised to see how "dirty" my pencilling is. Ahem. I'd like to point out that the very first Artist also worked out something creative and beautiful out of chaos. And we, who bear the Creator's image, also do the things he did.

But the disorder inside my work space, the one I just cleaned out, is different. I can't explain how. Mebbe it just got out of hand and I can't do any serious drawing with all that junk around me, things get in the way. It's just too distracting. Now that I got those out of the way, the mighty creative powers of cartooning can continue. At least until the trash starts accumulating again and I start getting comfortable with it.

My temper would be the death of me. I still can't seem to manage it and look at all those little kiddy toes I've stepped on. To think that I used to pride myself in the fact that I love kids, now I've become an ogre. I've lost count of the times I let my temper get the best of me raising my voice against this kid who regularly plays PS2 games here at the shop. I'd be really grateful if he still decides to come back tomorrow.