Oh yeah, I'd also like to call your attention to the new image of this week's Philippine News online which, in my opinion is way, way better than the previous layout that they did. They also started segregating the strips, giving each a page of its own along with a moderated poll discussion. My strip, West Side can be found here. The new characters I made for the strip are already starting to take a life of their own, defining their personalities a bit more (although Jay's sister, Marie, needs a little bit more tweaking). I'm also beginning to be a bit more confident in making story plots, yehey! If you wonderful peeps think I'm doing a good job or maybe you feel that there's some improvements that are needed to be done, please do me a favor and fill in your comments about my work so that I would be able to hear what you think about it. Thanks y'all in advance!

And before I go I'd like to give a shout out to a new friend, a fellow artist and brother in the faith, Daniel (check out his online portfolio). Also, to my friend, Mr. Dean, whose everyday testimony never ceases to amaze me. Thanks dude!


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