Now it's settled, we're going to Australia on Wednesday. I know I'm expecting this but somehow there's a tinge of melancholy knowing I wouldn't be able to meet my two friends in that country. Why? Because we will be spending our time sight seeing and hopping from one city to another all in the space of 3 days. The plane takes off at 6 pm and we'll stop over in Singapore for how many hours before arriving in the land down under at around nine the next day. What sucks the most is that I have no idea what our itinerary is when we get there. We'll prolly be hitting the tourist spots and the malls. Wait... Books! DVDs! Yes! I can forget my troubles at the sight of the the potential stuff I could buy. I'll just send a text message to my friend Xavier and exchange some hello's. As for Jhedde, well, he's coming at the end of next month so just in case we won't be able to meet in Sydney, there's still that chance to see him again.


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