Now meal times can be fun! I first saw this at Cynthia Bauzon's blog and I think it's weird and cool at the same time. Hot on the heels of Pepsi Blue that looked like carbonated Toilet Duck, now comes "Stellar Blue" ketchup (released last April 7, Monday). I'd like to see the other ketchup colors like purple, pink, orange and teal (these came in rainbow-colored, mystery bottles last year and consumers who bought the ketchup didn’t know, until they squirted it on a burger). Teal?! Looks more like they're squirting poster paint or hair conditioner on their burgers. Mmmm-hmmm... appetizing.

It’s not mom and dad’s ketchup,” said Heinz spokesman Robin Teets. “If parents think it’s a little strange, that’s all the better for kids.”