The City of Lost Children so far is the weirdest movie I ever watched in recent memory. Where else would you see some pretty bizzare ideas like lice assassins that inject poison in the head that induce madness, a talking brain that suffers periodic headaches, six clones that have been brainwashed to think that each of them is the original template, a former scientist who lives in an underwater base that collects and catalogues various things that fall in the water (including a little girl that was left to drown), a mad scientist who cannot dream and in desperation kidnaps children to steal their dreams, and a host of other weirdoes? Good thing my friend Ryan brought it here at the shop there was something we could do to while away the time. My assistant has taken a one-day leave of absence to treat a weird disease that suddenly appeared on his body after swimming somewhere. We've gone through 3 DVDs starting around 10:30 am right through the afternoon and early evening at 6 pm. We also watched Brazil (another weird movie but quite dragging) and Blankman (duh.) but I liked the first movie better. It has that MTVish feel to it that I like so much.

There's still a lot of time left before the shop closes, why does time have to its hand real slow this time? Right-brain thinking during these times is next to impossible, the left-side is up in rapt attention to everything that's happening around me. Come to think of it maybe that's just its way of protecting its more vulnerable partner who gets rather cranky when it feels cornered. Especially when the customers would come up and ask different things at the same time. God bless my friends who drop by every once in a while to cheer me up and make small talk. Maybe tomorrow when my able assistant comes back I would be able to daydream again and do some new things. Creative things. Things that would make my Dad proud.


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