I enjoyed my time last night in Starbucks, Megastrip. Good thing there wasn't that many people inside the place when I got there. I ordered a grande sized Hot Chocolate and sat down on a comfortable chair all ready to start writing on my journal. There were also some people from the U-belt church sitting in one corner of the café and I didn't see them until after 5 minutes later. I only realized that they were there when I saw some newcomers from the same church come in and go to their place. By that time I was already embarrassed to go up to them and say "hi!" so I pretended not to notice and buried my face in my journal to avoid a potentially awkward situation.

Once in a while I would look up and watch the other patrons talk amongst themselves. That's when I thought about texting the people I missed the most at that time. Of the people I sent the messages to only people bothered to respond: Elvin one was of them, he called actually, and we had a short chat on the phone. Inspired by the moment I drew another self-caricature on my journal intending to fill a whole page with a concept art I plan to title "Aloneness." It shows a SD version of me sitting there in the ground not knowing what to do or who to approach while some abstract figures in the background chat and talk with themselves oblivious to my presence. I plan to add some text or musings on top of the figure but I still haven't figured out what. Then Cecile texted me back and we had an exchange of messages till past midnight and I was already back home. She told me that she plans to transfer to the Galleria Church and I do hope that she does.


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