I detest the useless products salepeople pitch to me in the most scripted infomercial way. Usually I just smile and try to be accomodating and cut them in mid-sentence with "Sorry. I'm not interested but thanks anyway!" But if they're particularly impersonal I would just put on a dead-pan expression and just stare at them till they go away. I would never give in to their pitch no matter what... until today.

Enter young woman asking if she could bother us for just a while. Customer shooed her and she turns to me, I ask what it is she's trying to sell. She comes closer and begins her scripted speech about this new gizmo that they're selling for an incredibly low price. She sets the aluminum gadget down on the counter, clicks a button and voila! it turns and flips itself open like an animated wallet (mind goes: Oooooooo-aaaaahhhhh!). She shows the other amazing features this thingamajig has (calculator, alarm clock, calendar, world time clock) and I'm hooked. As my eyes gleamed with anticipation she told me that she's selling the whole stuff for an incredibly low price of P99.00 only.


She asked how many of those gadgets was I taking. If I had more money I would have gotten more but I begged off and promised her I would order some more once I showed off this new toy to my friends. Indeed I will. Later. Chalk this up to my second purchase from a salesperson after buying the liquid PC cleaner. But I had reason for that one since it's for the shop, I caved in on this one since it did that flippy-turny thing. Hmmm... not bad.


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