I just remembered getting nostalgic all over again when I watched two movies back-to-back last Friday on HBO: An American Werewolf In London and The World According to Garp. Hehehe... how could I forget these two movies? Back then when we were kids we took it upon ourselves to watching these movies on betamax over and over again until we practically memorized almost all the lines (these two were just part of a long line of movies we enjoyed a lot). I laughed out loud when I heard the old familiar line: "Don't you dare say sperm in this house!" Well I laughed mostloy because of the sudden realization that that's where we got the line we've been repeating and laughing at when we were kids. The came the scene for another unforgettable line when Garp's mother (Glenn Close) explains to the High School Dean how she had a child out of wedlock, the shocked old man could only utter: "You raped him! You raped a dying man!" Come to think of it, the theme and content of the movie's a bit mature for our age. With A.W.I.L. I started recounting the scenes with the Nazi werewolves and little British tyke with the balloons going to his Mum saying "Mommy! Mommy! A naked American man just stole my balloons!" and the unforgettable reaction of his Mum: "Hu-whaat?!" It was really, really funny. Actually despite the violent side of the movie there are some scenes that are actually funny.


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