The war in Iraq has already started, or at least the deadline given to Saddam Hussein has already expired. Normally I avoid political topics because of a lot of unpleasant conversations in the past with passionate debaters who would raise the tone of their voices and pound me again and again with their POVs. I hated that. It's one of those topics I never really bothered to read about in the first place anyway.

Well anyway this war in Iraq is on everyone's lips and though I still wouldn't bother to talk about it, I thought I'd give my 2 cents worth of opinion on the matter after reading a transcript of a panel discussion done in Larry King Live last March 11. Is this a just war the US is waging against Iraq? I have not complete answers to that but I would just like to echo what Max Lucado said that we don't have no recourse of action except to trust Pres. Bush and his advisers in the matter. That they've resolved to continue on with this war no because they're a blood-thirsty bunch of people out to eliminate Muslims out there but rather they're resorting to war as a last course of action and that up until the last minute they're hoping to avoid unncecessary bloodshed. I'm pro-peace in this matter but if the lives of a lot of innocent people are involved then I guess we have no choice in the matter. Lord help us all in these matters.


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