Hehehe... a funny thought entered my mind earlier today. While browsing through the closet I began to think that choosing what to wear has become quite a chore given the limited choices. Then I saw the black Umbro soccer shirt I got in the ukay-ukay shops in Baguio. That was a great one I chanced upon, even my brother turned a shade green in envy. Well anyway, the black shirt made me think about that time during third grade in Don Bosco Makati when I was one of those frequenting the old wing of the school in search of fighting spiders to be used in those competitions (we used to house them in old match boxes neatly divided into four). Well this one time there were other kids along with me that were poking around every nook and cranny including the window gutters and sills of the classrooms there. I used a small stick to poke through web pockets that might house some spiders and this particular web pocket in the side of a window sill broke my stick so I gave up on it and moved on since I thought there wasn't any. Big mistake. A younger kid poking through the places I searched through poked that same web and got a real, honest-to-goodness Black Widow spider! This same web that broke my stick when I poked on it contained a rare spider and I wasn't able to get it. What I had that time were a couple of docile house spiders with humongous abdomens. They weren't fighting spiders anyway.

What does this have to do with the Umbro shirt? Sometimes in our search we come across some great find and it's either we hold on to it immediately or just regret the consequences after. I was too tired to look for another small stick after that one broke so I gave up not realizing what a "treasure" that particular web contained. Same with the shirt, with my last pocket money I went ahead and bought that shirt, never mind the cost. But I'm not endorsing that one should go and buy something that really looks good. This lesson just applies to those rare finds.


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