I have just finished reading the best Pinoy love story I've ever read ever since Arnold Arre's "After Eden." I swear I'm not biased and I'm not exaggerating here (at least not consciously), I'm talking about the story titled "Orange." Quaint title. Subtle and yet appealing. It's an easy read actually and it's one of the best I've ever read so far. My friend who wrote it swears that it was his first attempt to write a story and it was only after a lot of explanations through the YM, text messages, and phone conversations did I reluctantly believe him. Harharhar!!!

No, seriously I really liked his work I was really raving over the phone conversation with him like some fan-boy yakking non-stop to his favorite artist at a convention. Of course I had reasons to rave over his work since he sent the first part of his story (Haha! Bleeehhh! ) which is way, way more than what he put up in the website. We compared notes on how it measures up against Mr. Arre's work, we were both so revved up after the whole thing I went out and bought myself a copy of AE (my autographed copy was "arbored" by a friend). Since he's planning to make it into a book I told him he should be sending the previews of his work to various critics in the newspapers and established artists who would be giving him gold stars for his work. I also promised him I will be sending Cynthia Bauzon (Arnold's S.O.) a private mail to ask for their opinion on the story. He liked the idea so muchyou could imagine him almost jumping with glee and excitement. Before we ended the conversation he pomised to send me the second part later tonight through the mail. Wow. Heeheehee... I can't wait.


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