The DJ in K-lite was interviewing some guy on the phone on-air and he mentioned that he frequents The Fort with some friends and he mentioned that one of the things they do there were to watch the people. That's one of the things I miss these days, if there's one thing I need to do to relax is to go somewhere cool and watch the people. If I only had the money, the time, and the right company I would be hanging around the Greenbelt area near the fountain area and just watch the people talk. If it was day time then I would be bringing a camera and try to take some artsy pictures on the sly. Some of them I would use as a reference but most of them I would just probably keep as a souvenir.

I could probably consider the cafe area around Glorietta or maybe in Megamall or Podium. I don't know why it actually relaxes me, mostly I think because of the aesthetic value (value?) but I think it's because I could secretly dub words into their mouths and try to figure out what they're thinking right at that moment. One could play with a simple question like "What if you know that today's the last day of all human life on Earth and they don't?" To spice the question further would be: what if you knew you had your salvation secure and they haven't? Would you do things differently? I don't know. I probably wouldn't be able to control myself and cry right there in front of them. Honestly. I could assume that others would do things differently but that's what my reaction would be.

I still miss hanging in some cool place and watching the people mind their own business.


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