I visited my best friend's grandmother yesterday afternoon. I haven't been visiting her ever since my best friend went off on an extended vacation to the US two years ago and this visit is something I owe her. Ever since College when I got to frequent my best friend's house in San Lorenzo, Makati during our thesis days I've grown quite close to the family. It's both a surprise and awe for me to know that they feel that way. Somehow, now that she's very often alone in that house, she misses the company of her grandsons and I think it's safe to assume that my best friend is also her favorite among the grandchildren. And since I'm still here in the country and well within visiting reach. Looking back at that visit, I do feel a sense of obligation to make her feel happy with those visits. She's getting on with the years and I do hope she would be okay in the coming months ahead. I do wish and pray for many more years ahead of her.


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