There was an unusual customer earlier today, unusual in a sense that he was an almost exact replica of American actor Tom Sizemore. He was also tall, broad shouldered, almost the same build, rough unshaven look, haircut, the works... I think this is called the "Doppelganger Syndrome". I tried surfing the net for its definition but it turned out to be quite fruitless, except for this one paragraph from a CSI fansite:

"...Swiss neurobiologist Dr. Peter Brugger recently published papers supporting the syndrome's viability. However, the Doppelganger Syndrome is not that everyone has a duplicate somewhere in the world. The Doppelganger Syndrome is a "rare and peculiar delusional disorder" in which sufferers have visual hallucinations of seeing themselves, and believing that that vision (not in a mirror either) is actually themselves, and that the doppelganger will gradually replace them. It's a common theme in science fiction stories, as well as tales by more well known authors such as Edgar Allen Poe and Oscar Wilde. A common theme is that the double will announce the hero's (original's) death by suicide. A more recent version of this syndrome was seen in the film The Talented Mr. Ripley."

I posted the same paragraph in a thread I put up in Pinoy Exchange.com. I wonder if I would get some replies, people do tend to focus their debates more on the religious topics there and not much on the others. Such a shame really.


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