I'm managing my cold with lots of tissue (one roll of bathroom tissue to be precise) and Vicks Vapor Rub right now. God bless the makers of Vicks. I'm also having a weird thing here, whenever I feel a sneeze coming on it would be suddenly interrupted by both an aborted yawn and a burp! That keeps happening to me right now and I hate it.

Well anyway I'm browsing through this website called Little Rocket and it has these fascinating (ie. weird) artworks rendered in a way that reminds me of Dave McKean and Tim Burton combined. This is one of those that I found really cool and funny, it's titled Happy Couple. I'm thinking of ordering a print online, would cost me $13.00 but I know he's here in the Philippines so I wonder if he would charge me the same?

Speaking of weird art, check out Dreamline for more of Dave McKean's art. In the meantime I'll be taking care of this runny nose.


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