I recently discovered that one of the strips I've been following everyday has an animated card available! How cool is that? You can check out Pearls Before Swine's cards for every occasion like one that says Thanks!, Hello, You're a real Friend, Sorry I hurt your feelings, Congratulations on your new baby, Happy birthday, Congratulations on your retirement, Happy birthday, and Better luck next time. They're done using the Flash program so I can't save it on the PC. You should check out the strips they're pretty hilarious.

Also I'd like to point out two notable old time favorites of yours truly being shown on HBO Asia this month: Radioland Murders and The Three Stooges. What's surprising about the former is the fact that it was written by George Lucas (I dunno how long he had this story brewing in his mind). I like it a lot because of the multiple characters running to and fro trying to make a success out of the premiere broadcast of a new radio station while at the same time trying to make sense of the murders that's going on behind the scenes. While it all looks better as a stage play, I wonder how Steven Spielberg would have handled it? I think he's better in handling complicated situation comedy. The movie will run for a few more days this month so there will be plenty more opportunities to watch it. Not true with The Three Stooges which will have its final broadcast on Wednesday.

I like the way the actors Paul Ben-Victor, Evan Handler, and Michael Chiklis, the Director and the people behind it handled their roles and story with so much sensitivity. It was really good for Mel Gibson to have bought the rights to their story and bring it to the small screen. I loved watching these guys when I was a kid and knowing what they've gone through in real life... Well it just breaks my heart.


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