My cartoonist friend Lyndon and I got to talking about comic merchandising (which we plan to enter into this year) and we got to sort of a "philosophical discussion" as to its purpose. Questions and suggestions were tossed around but we never really resolved the problem. Then when I got home and I was having some quiet time before I went to sleep, I was reading the book of Matthew and when I got to Chapter 23 (this was the part where Jesus lambasted the Pharisees for outward actions that contrasted with their real motives), the idea that good works are not the end to itself suddenly dawned upon me. Is this not the same thing with merchandising? Good works are not an end to itself since it's supposed to point back to God, in the same way that comic merchandising is not an end to itself but rather it should point back to the comic. The purpose of both is not to call attention to themselves alone but run a U-turn back to the source. It's a promotional tool! I sent my cartoonist friend a text message regarding this realization and he told me that even the comic is not the end to itself but that both comic and merchandise should contribute to the elusive experience that any comic fan is after.

I'm not confusing you here am I?

It was a valid statement but there's still something missing in the picture. So I prayed to God for a complete picture in comparison and contrast of what a Christian's experience with him is like. Prayers were immediately answered and everything clicked into place. I drew this diagram (you have to login to yahoo first to be able see it). It shows that the whole experience is a result of personally relating to one or all of the characters via situational humor or character humor which drives the reader to loyally follow the comic series.

In the bigger scheme of things, the Christian experience is a direct result of having a personal relationship with Jesus via the work of the Holy Spirit which facilitates an understanding of the Bible. It's a bit complicated but you'll get the whole idea once you see the diagram.


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