I thought we're supposed to watch a movie tonight? Oh to be honest I'm not really after the movie but rather the fact that we're going out to watch it in Rockwell and maybe see some more beautiful people. Hehehe... Come to think of it, I do need to sketch some figures for the profile I'm doing for the book. I had a lot of fun sketching people in UP last Thursday and Friday when Le Roy had his booksigning there. Except of course after a while they became conscious of what I was doing and they began to stare back at me. Ooooo boy... I tried looking for possible models in different magazines but none of them were posed in a spontaneous and realiztic way. Nobody poses like the way they do in school.

Maybe I could pay for a model... that would cost money and it looks awkward too. I dunno. Maybe I could just go out there and just take some pictures.


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