Just finished a rather late lunch and I don't feel that well around the tummy. I shouldn't have had that Pepsi, bad decision.Hopefully my standing up while posting this thingie will do the trick... While on the subject of being full I came across these two interesting articles regarding gastronomic ventures. The first one is an audio recording regarding French gastronomes asking the Pope to strike off "gluttony" from the Seven Deadly Sins - NPR (Feb 2, 2003) and the second article is about the excess fat that guys have makes dumber than usual. By restricting the flow of blood to the brain that makes it harder to think or something like that.

Makes sense but they just have to be sure about these things. Not that I'm for unhealthy living but scaring people with facts that has no basis is not really that good at all. It only makes things worse but still the findings make sense. I wonder what the minimum fat is before the blood becomes constricted in the veins going to the head. Speaking of which, I did notice that most of the male Americans are putting on a lot of weight than they did some years ago. Last time we went to California almost three years ago I noticed that most of them were built like bulky football players. One wonders if the same will happen here in our part of the globe. Hmmm...


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