We watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding last night, it was the second time for me and my younger sister but it was a first for Mama and Daddy. It was also Daddy's first time to set foot on the newly renovated Greenbelt area in Makati. He was all in awe and quite apprehensive since the placed looked really unfamiliar compared to the last time he was there (nearly 10 years ago? Maybe.) We caught the last screening of the movie and I appreciated it better this time. People inside the theater were giggling and laughing out loud at the key scenes in the movie. I'm thinking of getting a DVD of the movie sometime in the future. Heard about the sitcom and I wonder how it's faring in the ratings game. Are there plans to show it here? Prolly but they cable cancelled the one channel where they show those sitcoms so the point is moot for me.


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