I just had to react to this...

"and all this social strata thing is shit. who gives the labels
anyway? what's A-B? what's C-H? should i be glad if i'm in D? who the fuck cares? should comic book people think about this sort of thing? i dunno. very disappointing to hear that somewhere out there, someone has a piece of paper actually ticking us off one by one, sorting us out by class. i'll give them the finger if i could.

...or do i even count? i'm not really someone who has disposable income, not for crap, anyway. or maybe i'm an I."

I got this from a mailing list I'm part of and this is not the first time I ever read such a statement. Now my question is: Why are some people so threatened by the labelling of classes? Why the negative reaction? If it's for the purpose of classification and identifying a target market then I don' think there would be anything unfair in it. I'm thinking that maybe the letter writer is all for equality in this PC conscious world. Well this is getting ridiculous and well out of hand! No matter how much people dream of being in this world I'm sorry to say that it won't be happening yet and you won't do it by doing away with necessary marketing labels. There are people who live in prosperity and there are people who live in poverty. It's just that simple. And yes I do think comic people should be able to identify their market properly. Doing away with the labels of social strata applies to objects of art like painting, sculpture, poetry and some others but were talking about business here. Like it or not we're out to earn something from our work and you can't do it effectively if you don't know who your target audience is and where they belong (it's not like we're labelling them sheep or anything). Just don't put malice in something where it doesn't exist.

So give me the finger see if I care.


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