I just remembered a real creepy nightmare last night. In it I was in a really dark musky room somewhere with some others and we were hiding out from some sort of alien or monster thingie and I remember it being said that we had to subdue it however possible and then came the warning that we should avoid being bitten. When the thing came crashing in through the roof I could discern in the dark that it was the size of a large dog and had the body of a spider. When it came to face me I saw that it had the face of a wolf baring its fangs. Its canine eyes were also reflecting available light making it glow an eerie glow. I don't know how it is I knew buy behind those bared canine teeth were its spider fangs. I took an old chair and tried to trap it in the inverted chair (with the back of the chair and the seat on top of it) but the weird thing was frisky and it struggled to get free. Before I knew it I was bitten in my left hand and that was when I forced myself to wake up.

I lay there in the dark deathly afraid that the thing would appear in the dark. The image of the beast stayed with me for a few more seconds until I finally managed to sleep. When I woke up this morning I thought about it being a demonic attack or something. Or it may be a bit exaggerated but the image of the monster was definitely weird.


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