I've been laughing my tonsils out here while reading through the thread about Lucky Manzano (turns out that he's a PExer too). The funny posts there belong to this anonymous PExer masquerading under the nick ATEVi (Lucky's mom) where he/she wrote against an impostor:

Hoy LUCKYme!

At sino ka para sabihing hindi si lucky si luckym, ha?! ha?!
bakit, dyos ka ba, ha, dyos ka ba?!

si luckym, si luckym, si luckym! palagi na lang si luckym!
si luckym na walang malay!

to all the fans out there, just continue to give your 100%
full-support to luckym, coz he's my cherished possession!
kagaya ng PEX, my cherished possession...
si christian, isa pa 'yon... my cherished possession.

lucky, i love you, anak. sige na... tuloy mo na yang pag-PEX mo,
at huwag mong pansinin itong si LUCKYme na 'to.

sandali, christian... PSSST, christian. wait lang.. mommy is PEXing, okay.

yaya, bigyan mo nga ng vitamins itong si christian!

luckym, i talked to nancy na, she's doing okay. she's fine na. don't worry about her na, okay? alright. oha, are you alright na? okay.
okay? alright.

to LUCKYme, eto lang ang masasabi ko sa'yo...
it's not my fault anymore, it's your fault anymore!!!

And another one when he/she answered a question posed by this PExer ("To luckym: Just a quick question... What does your mom think of you "showing your stuff" in public? I'll bet she's mighty proud to have a HUNK of a son!!!"):

Naku naman ineng, but of course,
I'm mighty proud to have a HUNK of a son!!!
Lahat nga ng girls eh humahanga diyan sa anak kong 'yan,
lalo na nga when, you know, he's "showing his stuff" in public!

Kaya nga ang sabi ko kay yaya, huwag kakalimutang bigyan ng vitamins itong si Christian, para lumaking katulad ng kuya niya.

They're my cherished possession talaga!


Kung hindi niyo napanood yung sa Cosmo party,
well, well, well, it's not my fault anymore,
but it's your fault anymore.

It's not as funny as the first one but I still find it amusing nonetheless.


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