I'm back! What a week I had, first of all two Fridays ago, we had our net connection cut-off for one flimsy reason like having our ISP upgrade their servers without telling their customers (get this, after more than 10 days they're still down and out. Like... yeah right! ). On top of that my assistant got a really nasty rash all over his body so he didn't report to work and I didn't get to go to our weekly artists' den meeting.

The next night one of my very good friends dropped by to unload some burdens. He's one of the few friends I have that's a welcome sight for sore eyes. We had some small talk before he got down to business and talked about his current problem with his studies and love life (or lack thereof). He stayed for an hour or so before he went home and since I deduced that there aren't any more forthcoming customers I closed down the shop for the night. I went to Starbucks to spend the next two hours unwinding, sitting on a quiet corner on an easy chair, slurping a grande sized hot chocolate while reading a book about eternal security. I even spent the first few minutes covering it in plastic. It's a fantastic book and I really commend that you read it. I felt so good after reading a few chapters I sent a text message to all my friends. Those are the highlights of the past week, the rest was spent sitting around and waiting for customers to drop by. That's until last Thursday when my Mom decided to do something about the lack of business and we got a new account from another ISP. I spent the next two days checking and reading the emails and monitoring the forums in PinoyExchange for flamebaits and trolls. Last Friday night I had some rollickin' good time with some friends in our artists' group meeting in McDonald's at the back of Megamall. There were a lot of new people and we had couple of good laughs while drawing at each other's sketch pads. Around past 11 pm we went to the nearby Starbucks at the Mega Strip to hang out some more. I stayed until 1 am and that's it, my eyelids were threatening to close down without my permission.

Then the night after that all the Moderators and Administrators of PEx had a fellowship dinner at Gerry's Grill in Makati. I still can't get the hang of being around people I don't know that well. They're all cool and very friendly but I haven't settled with being talkative with them. But that's just me being so painfully withdrawn. After dinner, one of the administrators dropped me off at Shangri-la Mall on his way to see his girlfriend. I spent the next two and a half hours at Starbucks sipping hot choco with my head buried in a book.


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