Speaking of settling down, one of my friends called and told me she got married yesterday. I'm surprised it didn't surprise me. The guy's a Filipino, around seven years older than her, he lives in Fremont, California and he's quite spontaneous just like my friend. She half expected me to, maybe, get mad at her for going into something really big without informing us. Well, me particularly, since I was one of those few people she confided in times of trouble. She came to me countless times crying her eyes out because she's having some guy problems. Be it an old boyfriend she almost married, a friend of ours who just didn't know how to react to the fact that she was already falling for him or a guy she met on a chat room that was suffocating from their online relationship. How many times did she come to me for advice asking if something was wrong with her, to help her ask God for answers to her questions, or to just share with me some facts she read from the Men are from Mars book.

She sounded pensive on the phone and almost until the end of our conversation she was still expecting me to tell her off for doing so. Why should I? I'm very, very happy for her and if there's anything that needs to be settled I leave it between her and God. I wanted to ask her if she already asked Him prior to taking the plunge. All she said that she was completely settled with the decision and she really, really thinks that the guy is the one for her. For now, I told her, I'd like to meet her husband and make sure that she's taken cared of in the way that she deserves. I already informed our other friends so we could go together to their condotel in Makati, I only got some casual responses. Given her marriageable age they probably half expected it too.