I'm here right now renting an internet café for an hour (me thinks they're using DSL). The stag party didn't push through *whew!* The story why is worth recounting too. I closed the shop early and jumped at the next available MRT to Makati, I sent a text message to my friend Jorge apologizing for being late but that I was on the way (by this time rain clouds have covered most of the sky). I still didn't know what to expect so I was very nervous so I did the only thing I knew whenever I'm scared: i>I talked to my Dad. I whispered my prayers saying I was really, really scared about all this and I needed his help. When I arrived at the Ayala station and well on the way up to the exit I still kept on praying and praying and asking God to deal with the situation. I'm not going to be scared about all this and just leave everything in his hands. Right after exiting through the turnstiles I looked at my phone and saw that Jorge sent back this message a few minutes earlier: txt denis. im stil here at my gf haus. my parents kci will visit tom. i might be late. It was already raining very hard and I didn't want to wait at the gas station where I was to wait so I sent a text message to Dennis asking him where the party was going to be held. I while the time I went to KFC and ordered some mashed potatoes and Mountain Dew. In the whole 40 minutes I waited I sent two messages to Dennis thinking that maybe the first one got lost in the transmission. Not that I would mind if the party didn't push through. A little after 9 pm he texted back: di pa nagttxt c edsel. mukang cancel na yung party. inform mo c jorge I heaved a sigh of relief upon reading that message. I didn't compromise anything and nothing was lost tonight (I have too much respect for women to able to survive one stag party with its provocative actions and stuff). I bought an MRT ticket for the way home, withdrew some money from the ATM near the mall and informed Jorge about the cancelled party. Wow... this is another answered prayer. What's so good about the whole thing was the storm came unannounced, it was the only time it rained that hard (rains stopped around the time I got the last message) and since. Thank God he came through for me.


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