I'm almost finished with the coloring and editing of the latest West Side strips and I must say that I really, really enjoy doing it. Though the snail's pace of the PC can be trying at times the rewards of seeing your work look good is reward enough for me. To think that I'm doing all this detailing for me and a small number of people in the mailing list. Well mostly for myself. When I'm all hyped up with my work the juices start running and I get all ready to do the next one. If writing the strip could be that easy as drawing it then what a grand 'ol time will I have then. Next up, another round of West Side strips and the first strip of a new title for Fusion magazine. I already have the ideas and the plot, I just need a good script. Argh!

Btw, my strip got its first comment! To think that I wasn't satisfied with that submission, I'm redoing it all over again with a much better punchline and drawing. I'm also thinking if she's the daughter of my high school barkada. But she couldn't be that old enough to relate to the strip and I haven't really stressed the name of the paper I'm working for to my old friend. Hmmm...


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