Finally, finally I was able to draw the strips. The mood struck me just like that after returning to the shop after a second round of lunch at home. All artists know how hard it is to get into the mood and do something really worthwhile. Deadlines can wait, unless you're a walking assembly line who could do artworks in a snap. I know someone who could do comic strips just like that and he's just positively brilliant in absorbing things and having a hilarious output. I wish I could be like that. Then while I was "thumbing" through my old files of our home PC when I came upon a compilation of text I copied from a forgotten website. In it were different letters, the first batch were from the adults and they asked very hard questions and they demanded much explanation for all the ills of man (think Bruce Nolan from "Bruce Almighty") and the second batch were written by kids. One would be taken aback by the simplicity and innocence of their letters.

So what's the point of this anecdote? Just this: that kids can look at life without complications in the same way that all kids have this love for art that they abandon as they grow up. Though some of them continue to draw and create, the complications and priorities of the adult life takes over the original sense of creativity. It has come to either creating for the sake of money or fame and doing it just because it's a job. Art, then, has become lifeless, without soul. How about going back to the original purpose of why were doing art? That we're doing because it's fun? I hope it'snot too much to ask.


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