Oh yeah, we had a big breakfast this morning at the Peninsula Manila in Makati, our first after more than 6 years. Kuya Jim and Ate Gladdys also gave us these neat-o gifts for no reason at all. I got this unique fountain pen with a metal body and luminous colored cap. It has also has these six extra cartridges just in case it runs out. Mama and Daddy had to go meet some potential buyers of this shop leaving the rest of us sibs and sis-in-law some money for coffee in Starbucks. Here's the weird thing, we got to the hotel around 7:30 or a little before 8 am and we went out before 10. That's two and a half hours for breakfast and then coffee at Starbucks for another 3 hours. Then I had a haircut (which looks really good with the goatee) after going home. I'm here at the shop looking at the clock, I'm planning to close up for the night around 7 pm and commute to Makati to meet up with my friend. Hopefully I'd still have time to eat dinner before the party.


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