There are some things I learned from that visit to a friend earlier this afternoon and some of these are the things that I'm still digesting right now: the reversal of roles and the puzzled look of another old classmate at the sight of a large pizza bought for no reason other than for sharing. The reversal of roles that I'm talking about is between two classmates of mine from high school, Jorge the former bully and Dennis his best friend. Jorge was the feared one in the old times and he's now the more affable chap, while Dennis was the one who clowned around during high school and he's now so serious that I can't help but feel a bit apprehensive around him. I bought some Yellow Cab Pizza on my way to Jorge's office and met them in Figaro's near it. I first met with Dennis and we a little chat (very business like), then after a while Jorge came with a big smile on his face. All throughout our time in that coffee shop Dennis maintained his businessman-like mien while Jorge continued to be very cordial and open. The second thing about the puzzled look on Dennis' face when he saw the pizza, well he certainly didn't expect it but did he enjoy it? Bah! It's just a small matter... I just can't over it. He's really changed or maybe he's just puzzled that I dropped by. Especially since I'm not part of their barkada ever since high school and I'm starting right now. Maybe that's just it. Jorge invited me to the stag party of another friend of theirs (another old classmate of ours) on Saturday. He actually insisted I come without consulting his friend if I should. Hehehe... He's really making sure that I'm comfortable around them and really part of their circle. All this for making him a part of my stable of characters? Whatever the reason is, I sure am thankful that he's turning out to be one very considerate friend.


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