Here's an interesting question posted in PEx: if you found out you're going to die in 6 months... can you list down 10 priorities, things you would like to do before you die? Here's what I posted based on the given limited time period:

These are not necessarily in order but it's a pretty good list.

1. Have some time alone with close friends for a series of outing and talking about things I want to say. Finish intructions and talks with friends about their plans for the future.

2. Instruct the next Moderator who will be taking over my duties about the things to expect and do.

3. Draw, draw, and draw everything I could while I still have the strength for it.

4. Publishing and promoting a compilation of works.

5. Print a book about the lessons I learned in life, for private distribution to friends and relatives.

6. Make peace with people I had previous fights with.

7. If budget allows for it, go on a trip to Ireland for a few weeks.

8. Organize one last high school reunion.

9. Distribute material possessions to family and friends.

10. Finalize details for the happy-happy-joy-joy wake and funeral.

I hope this is enough. Speaking of which though, if I had a chance to choose I'd like to go while sleeping on a bed due to old age. By then I'm sure I lived a full and fruitful life.


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