I was able to watch another movie last night just to satisfy my curiosity: Darkness Falls. The story starts out really promising with these old sepia pictures and a narration that sets the plot of the movie. The title comes from the name of a small, sleepy coastal town with a dark secret. There lived an old widow named Matilda Dixon in the same town 150 years before, children adored her for the gold coins she gave to them in exchange for their baby-tooth (thereby earning the nickname "Tooth Fairy"). But tragedy struck one night, a great fire burned through her house severely disfiguring her face. She also suffered pain when her burned skin is exposed to light so she only went out at night and she wore a white porcelain mask to hide her disfigured features. One day two children failed to come home after going to her house, an angry mob forcibly took her from her house and tied a noose around her neck. Before they hanged her they tore off the mask exposing her face and with her dying breath she cursed the people and the town vowing to return everytime kids lose their last baby tooth. Those who were unfortunate to look at her whenever she visits, she kills off. "What was done in kindness, she now vows in revenge." Or something like that. It was unfortunate for the townspeople to do what they did when the two children who were supposedly lost came back the next day. They hushed the news and buried the body along with its dark secret.

Fast forward to the eighties where a kid, Kyle, loses his last baby tooth. He's very much aware of the tale of the tooth fairy (at least the version in their town) and he's worried about what could happen. Unfortunately when the tooth fairy came he got a peek of her face and she tried to kill him because of this (getting a look at her ghost was a big no-no). He hid in the bathroom where a strong light was left on and she killed his mother in turn. Morning came, the authorities carted him off to some foster homes and subjected him to further psychiatric tests. Those were the good parts, the movie went downhill from thereon. The movie didn't stay on plot and the ghost of Matilda just killed and killed almost every adult in town (maybe she finished off all the kids except for one so she's going after the ones she missed?). My parents were right, there were hardly any light in the movie and it was hard to see any details. Aside from the fact that the ghosts was going after the adults, why was she solid and tangible? Weird. This proved to be her undoing in the end.

While surfing the net for some reviews of the movie I came across some funny ones like this (Just keep your eyes peeled for films like "Jack Sprat" and "Humpty Dumpty" in the near future....), this (When the curtain rises on Darkness Falls, eyelids fall.), and this (This movie should have been put under a pillow). If you have watched it and you want to see what the ghost looked like without the mask click this. This site offers a flash animation expanding the legend or history behind the tragedy of Matilda Dixon.


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