Some thoughts on turning another year: Yeah it's been okay so far. The morning was great, my family's really great with all the birthday greetings and birthday hugs and birthday smiles. Everything's great. Really. Even my Tita Letty from Malolos sent me a text message saying: The day is not yet over. Nakahabol pa ako. Happy birthday Ariel So far it's been mostly women who remembered my birthday today. There's one guy who greeted me on my birthday but he wasn't sure if it was today and one longtime friend who remembered my birthday by calling long distance from the U.S. (thanks bro! I apologize I didn't recognize you immediately. But it really meant a lot to me you remembered). Ok. As opposed to my landmark birthday last year, I had something to look forward to since I had dinner with a long lost friend and his wife in Makati. This time I have the remaining weekends of this month for me to be with my friends. I've always been expecting one's birthday to be really full of activities and people remembering to greet you with all smiles and gifts. It's something I kept from my childhood and something I wouldn't let go. I could be king for a day! I wish everyday could be my birthday (a wishful thinking that comes second to "I wish it's Christmas everyday") It happens without fail, every year I look forward to a noisy birthday celebration and every year I get a moderate gathering of a handful of love ones. Not that I'm complaining here, it would have been nice though if there were many people to celebrate this special day. I've had enough with apathy here... the silence is too deafening.


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