There's something really awesome when you see an old friend after all these years. There's still that unspoken bond between two individuals that remain unbroken even after some years of no contact between them. It's like what I said to one of our high school pals on his despedida party: "The friendship will always be there and it will never be broken. Just think of it as being put on suspended animation to be revived again when the opportunity comes." This exact thing happened between me and my high school friend Mark. Funny how I only got to know him through my friends on our second year high school and how we turned out to be that much closer to each other in comparison to the others in our group. Even after all these years his appearance never changed much, he still has that almost round face, stooped chubby figure, brown hair, and bawdy attitude. We talked about his wife, kids, job, plans for the future, and the things he experienced in the United States. He's leaving again on Friday and I do hope that we and the others in our group could go out have an early birthday dinner before that. I also pray that we could have some more time to talk and catch up with each other before he goes.