Comic Compilation Update: I had a talk with an old high school classmate who's now running a graphic design studio regarding the specs of the planned CD-ROMIX™. I showed him the flash animation comics of Usagi Yojimbo and the oh-so cool flash intro of Culture Crash Comics website. We talked about some ideas on the added features, showed him the finished artworks colored by my friend Ryan. He promised to give me a good price for the whole thing including the packaging. I'm thinking what if it costs more than the book, then what will I choose? Should I go for the safer number of hundreds as opposed to the thousands? Is the lure of animation, upbeat music, and clickables enough to make people cough up some dough? Will this promise hold: "After seeing a comic book on CD-Romix, you will never go back to the old paper comic books." Ever? Hmmm... So far feedback to the idea has been really encouraging so it's all systems go for me at this point.