Should I or shouldn't I get the Meteora album by Linkin Park? Why? Well first of all the CD comes with a neat behind the scenes look at the creation of the album (a steal at P500), I'm impressed with their work ethic towards the creating the best possible music they could offer, and I wanna have a goatee like Rob does. Hehehe... Ok the last point is moot. I'm also reading through the lyrics of the album's songs right now. After the first couple of songs that talk about independence from the regrets of the past, the other songs now begin to speak of pain, regret, anger, confusion. Now that's really scary. The last song speaks of wrapping oneself in a shell to keep out all the pain, the sadness and the hurt. So scratch the album. I won't try to listen to it but how about the VCD? Is the VCD worth five hundred smackers? Can I just buy the whole thing, sell the album and keep video to myself? Now why would I like the video? What's it worth to me? This requires a lot more thought. Later.