Is the barber considered an artist or a craftsman? We, three friends who founded an artists' support group, discussed about the difference between a craftsman and an artist. A craftsman is someone who by undergoing apprenticeship under a master artist got the hang of replicating the same work of art over and over again almost never deviating from the same format. If ever the craftsman deviates from it, there’s not much of a difference from the original. While the artist creates something material starting out from an abstract idea. The work comes alive as he/she pours out his heart and soul into the art. Now given the different "canvasses" barbers are given to work on their stuff, can they be regarded as artists or craftsmen? They’re bound to adapt the haircut depending on the shape of the head, so this makes them more of a craftsman? Are all hairstylists artists? But there are barbers who undergo extensive training for them to be more proficient in their job. After they graduate from these schools, are they now called artists? Hmmm… prolly depends on how inventive they can be with new techniques as they go on.