I finally submitted two weeks worth of comic strips to Philippine News and just in time too. I got the notice from their webmaster and layout artist, Rey last Friday leaving me with three days to do the comic strips. I did the best I could do with an idea for the punchline minus the script which I could leave for last. Weird as it may sound, I like living on the edge and having a deadline loom in the horizon works wonders for this cartoonist. For this week's edition I poured everything on the visuals and not much on the script. I haven't got enough handle on the new characters to throw a really good joke, they could act well to deliver a good story but that's about it for the moment. My previous characters took years before I figured out their personalities and maybe these set of characters will take that same route too. Right now I'm thinking of introducing new ones into the stable. I'll just stand back and see if there's going to be some chemistry between all of them.