Today's Cartoonist Day in the U.S.! Hooray! I just learned about it when one of the regulars of the Alamat Comics mailing list brought it to our attention. Coolness. You can check out the official site for this event and see a list of some of the best web comics there is. Here's an additional list of web toons I frequently read:

Beerkada. Bias aside this strip is indeed really funny. The only limitation here is that the characters sometimes talk in Tagalog.

FoxTrot. This isn't a webcomic in the strictest sense of the word but at least I get my daily dose of humor online if ever I miss the paper.

General Protection Fault. Really funny but it gets too deep sometimes so starting from the very beginning is very much recommended.

Hound's Home. This is one of the best strips about high school life. I give this two thumbs up for making me laugh out loud like an idiot. Start out from the beginning to get a feel of the strip and the characters.

Kevin and Kell. A divorced rabbit with an adopted English hedgehog and a wolf widow with her cub gets married. How much crazier can it get? More than you can ever imagine. Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud!

Ozy and Millie. Mildly funny but you'll get used to it.

Pearls Before Swine. One of the best I've ever seen and read, you'd hardly believe that this is made by a former lawyer with no background as an artist or cartoonist. Hallmark cards type of drawing with biting humor. Yum!

PvP Online. Scott Kurtz's strip is one of the best known in online comics. So successful he was in fact recently signed up by Image Comics as one of their current lineup of titles.

Sherman's Lagoon. This is also a syndicated strip that appears in some newspapers.

The Class Menagerie. This has one of the best written storylines in comic strips. Too bad he had to retire the strip to pursue other interests. Best read right from the beginning and get the tissues ready when you get to the last installment.

The Adventures of Skully. Morbid humor at its best.

That's about it. Hopefully next year Cartoonist Day would get a bigger attention and hopefully I would be able to contribute something to Free Comic Book Day too.