I swear to never eat another Ebi Tempura and dumplings in Saisaki for years on end. Even after so many months of staying away from Japanese buffet, the moment I took a bite of the dumplings and the tempura I was ready to surrender. Don't get me wrong, it tastes really great, but if you're nearly full from a couple of plateful of Japanese food prior to that then you would know what I'm talking about. It brought my appetite to zero. Good thing there were some ice cream and fruit platter in that place.

We still had a very good celebration of Mother's Day for this year. It's a bit amusing and heartwarming when everybody thinks that their mothers are the best. Over all the years of tutoring us in school and bearing with all our shortcomings it's only fitting that we show her how much we love her. Pastor Steve had a good message about the faith of mothers in our morning service, then it's off to the music store to buy the Linkin Park CD (got me a free magazine and bottled ice tea too). I browsed through some titles and listened to Aaliyah's song again. I really liked her song "I Miss You", I could also use the story she used in that song for my strip too. Passed by Powerbooks and the former Tower Records before walking back to the MRT. On the way home I thought of buying some flowers for my mom, I withdrew P200 and looked at the two available concessionaires but it was way over my set budget. Then I thought of buying a cake but the selection was too small and it didn't feel right buying them. I sent a SMS asking if she'd rather watch the new X-men movie later. On the way out I passed by Art Cakes and bought a ready made cake that fits my budget to a tee. Good looking cake too with nice balance of colors and small silver balls scattered around its surface. Wonder if it's edible.