I hate it whenever I'm in a creative straitjacket. When anything that requires thinking becomes a struggle. I probably didn't help with me being in front of the computer surfing the net from morning till night with the radio on plus the TV showing the most boring movie I've ever watched. I got a bit of a cold that ended with a mild headache that made thinking even more of a struggle. I was researching something on how the armor of a roman soldier works and something on the subject of fear that will be discussed before two different groups. Good thing the meeting for tomorrow was cancelled so that leaves me enough room to research for the artists' group. The load's not that heavy given the time I have to work on. I think that maybe thinking too much at the same time contributed to my burn out. Funny thing too, when my friend Azrael from the Artists' Den invited me to eat out with him in a nearby mall he told me that he's also experiencing a burn out. Good thing he invited me out, I needed a time out at the time. I managed to eat something through that headache, not much to eat but it did the trick. We went back to the shop and waited till it closed before going home. Tomorrow's my birthday and just when you're expecting everyone to be there at home watching TV or reading the papers, they're asleep. *Sigh*