There was an unusual customer earlier today, unusual in a sense that he was an almost exact replica of American actor Tom Sizemore. He was also tall, broad shouldered, almost the same build, rough unshaven look, haircut, the works... I think this is called the "Doppelganger Syndrome". I tried surfing the net for its definition but it turned out to be quite fruitless, except for this one paragraph from a CSI fansite:

"...Swiss neurobiologist Dr. Peter Brugger recently published papers supporting the syndrome's viability. However, the Doppelganger Syndrome is not that everyone has a duplicate somewhere in the world. The Doppelganger Syndrome is a "rare and peculiar delusional disorder" in which sufferers have visual hallucinations of seeing themselves, and believing that that vision (not in a mirror either) is actually themselves, and that the doppelganger will gradually replace them. It's a common theme in science fiction stories, as well as tales by more well known authors such as Edgar Allen Poe and Oscar Wilde. A common theme is that the double will announce the hero's (original's) death by suicide. A more recent version of this syndrome was seen in the film The Talented Mr. Ripley."

I posted the same paragraph in a thread I put up in Pinoy Exchange.com. I wonder if I would get some replies, people do tend to focus their debates more on the religious topics there and not much on the others. Such a shame really.


I thought we're supposed to watch a movie tonight? Oh to be honest I'm not really after the movie but rather the fact that we're going out to watch it in Rockwell and maybe see some more beautiful people. Hehehe... Come to think of it, I do need to sketch some figures for the profile I'm doing for the book. I had a lot of fun sketching people in UP last Thursday and Friday when Le Roy had his booksigning there. Except of course after a while they became conscious of what I was doing and they began to stare back at me. Ooooo boy... I tried looking for possible models in different magazines but none of them were posed in a spontaneous and realiztic way. Nobody poses like the way they do in school.

Maybe I could pay for a model... that would cost money and it looks awkward too. I dunno. Maybe I could just go out there and just take some pictures.


I have a rant here as a manager of an internet cafe: What is it about the ten peso denomination that makes it so rare these days? Why is it that everybody these days pay in twenty peso bills? Or in one hundred perso bills. I don't know if I'm going to be happy about all this or what...


I've been laughing out loud for so many hours yesterday because of this certain comic strip called Hound's Home. I found it quite by accident by following one link after another and there were certain customers here at the internet cafe that have been looking at me funny. Well I do find it funny. Check out the artist's reference to a common practice of cartoonists turning their characters to skeleton to show boredom or something. JP also swung by yesterday after a long absence and he finally had a haircut (yehey!).

I watched the Ring movie today after coming from the service in Galleria. I didn't catch the first 8 minutes of the movie so I had to sit through the credits and endure a bunch of not-so-interesting movie trailers. It was really good considering that the movie had very little budget to work on. That's the difference mostly with Hollywood movies that tend to focus on the special effects (like one kiddie fantasy movie I know, haha!) European and Asian movies focus on the characters and the plot which is really, really good. I've also been Edrie's blog after he posted a link to it in the Beerkada mailing list. It's very interesting since he mentioned that my comic strips are "...very appealing because unlike other comics which are in-your-face, sharp, and somewhat distorted, his contrasts this modern trend and is subtle, easier on the eyes..." He's cool. Hehehe... I'll be watching Catch Me lf You Can later with my Mom and maybe my sister. That'll be fun.


Google changed their logo again! Yehey! I've been collecting these for the longest time.