I just got back from a very successful Toy Convention at the Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall. I've been there the whole day (except for about an hour when I had to rush back to the shop to make sure that my assistant has his lunch break) and it's been really, really fun. I had so much energy drawing and drawing some stuff in my sketchpad, in the sketchpad of two others, and one fan who bought an ashcan and I drew another detailed self-caricature on the inside cover. Fellow artist Dennis Crisostomo (Image's He-man comics) was stupefied that I could last that long doing all those sketches non-stop. I'm surprised myself too. Probably all those times when I was frustrated from the lack of drawing time came back big time. All those drawings... my preciousssss. Hehehe... I'm tired, I'll talk more about this tomorrow.


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