I just cleaned out my personal work space of all the scratch papers, plastic bags, books, sketches, fax papers, receipts, and an assortment of junk. Funny how artists in general can work right through a disorderly environment (I prefer to call it chaotic order) to produce something orderly and b-e-a-utiful. People marvel at the clean lines my final work produces, if they saw how I pencilled them first they'd be surprised to see how "dirty" my pencilling is. Ahem. I'd like to point out that the very first Artist also worked out something creative and beautiful out of chaos. And we, who bear the Creator's image, also do the things he did.

But the disorder inside my work space, the one I just cleaned out, is different. I can't explain how. Mebbe it just got out of hand and I can't do any serious drawing with all that junk around me, things get in the way. It's just too distracting. Now that I got those out of the way, the mighty creative powers of cartooning can continue. At least until the trash starts accumulating again and I start getting comfortable with it.


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