Here's a pretty good reaction from artist Whilce Portacio to the Hulk movie that some people didn't like. I liked it.
Subject: Re: [alamat] Re: The Hulk: My turn to nitpick and grit!

Saw "Hulk" the day after it came out and loved it. Strange phenomenon...beforehand watching the trailers the CGI seemed rubbery but while actually watching the movie it didn't seem rubbery at all. As a film buff I was amazed at Ang's use of video transition effects in order to mimic comicbook panels. Split screen has been used before especially in the 70's and in Star Wars movies but here he shows everybody how to use them purposefully, he's created another video language. The action scenes surpass the Matrix Reloaded in their granduer and sheer chaos. The sense of power shown in the destruction was what I was expecting in Reloaded. The only people I have noted that didn't like the movie were the ones hoping for light entertainment like "Spiderman"...Ang's "Hulk" is dark, scary, and powerful...I hope this starts a trend in Hollywood where serious professional film directors decide to use the creative freedom that is inherent in the Superhero genre and make serious, lasting movies about the human condition like Ang Lee's "Hulk"...



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