Spa Movie Theatre

If I were tasked to organize party (my birthday party at least) in the first spa movie theatre in the country I would start with the Summer/Beach party theme with refillable popcorn, bite size sandwiches, and ice tea while everybody's watching their choice of either Seinfeld, Friends, Harry Potter on the big screen while getting their own foot spa. Then when everybody's good and ready we'll go start with the Scene It? (with the choice of the same theme as listed above) or Wii game with everybody participating and having the best time of their lives.

Afterwards, we'll wind down with videoke while getting another round of scalp massage or foot spa till everyone's happy and contended with the best time they've ever had.

* * *

Get to know more about this unique place by clicking this Blog Tech News entry or just go directly to the Blue Water Day Spa website for more details.


At 11:00 AM, Blogger wait said...

sounds so cool, i should try this one! : )


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