Why does reality have to suck so much? This was something that's bothering me earlier today while I was trying to recall my dream last night. I didn't have a very good start right in the middle of breakfast. I guess I shouldn't have reacted in such a way too, that instead of letting it get to me I should have let it all pass around me like a brick wall. The thing with fantasy is that you can expect everything to be really different and out of the ordinary. And mostly because it's a world of your own making. In it you can expect everybody to be who you expect them to be. For comic strip artists, it's world populated by stereotypical characters plus some talking animals. You don't expect it to be suck since they're your own creation and they can't do anything that would surprise you. That even without a map you'd know everything is and there's remotely anything dark in it. At least in my comic strip world. Maybe that's why fantasy appeals so much to us, if reality works the way we expect them to be then there would no need to dream or hope is there? Creativity would be stifled. Now that sucks.