I dreamed of John Goodman again last night. He's my favorite actor all the way from his Roseanne days. He appeared in the second part of my dream and quite subtle at that. It was I believe in a bar/saloon near an alley in Quiapo (the whole thing had a yellowish tinge to it making it look like a scene from an old western). There were some people who were either paying homage to somebody or asking for something or maybe it was an audition for a play. What happened was, one of the guys there broke out into a song complete with some back-up performers dancing in the same way he was. I thought that this small revue was quite entertaining so I stayed on to watch. They rolled on the tables and did some great moves like some veterans from a New York musical. Then I recognized one of the back performers to be John Goodman and after the song and dance lasting for about a minute or so the group broke up and resumed their normal routine. John went out the door and walked up the alley vanishing from sight when he turned left around a corner.

I forgot the what happened next but the scene I remembered then was that were on our way to church. The church building looked like a cross between that of San Antonio de Padua in Forbes Park and that in Old Manila, surrounded by a park-like surroundings near a small craggly hill. I was with my brothers and sister (strangely I recall them being younger than I am, and me being around 10 or 11 years old in that part of the dream) and our mom. We were dressed in black formal clothes like we're going to attend a funeral or something when I saw John again coming out of the car in front of the church, also dressed in a black suit. We were already inside the church's compound when my mom saw John turn turn around towards the hill right outside the gate. She wondered where my uncle was going and asked me to go bring him back ("Saan papunta Tito mo? Sunduin mo nga baka naliligaw."). My uncle? Wow. I was extremely happy to find out that I was related to him. He was already walking up a the small hill as if he was looking for something when I got to him. The other details after this is now a blur but the scene continued right to next where we're in front of the church talking after the mass. I forgot what happened but apparently some members of the poor were holding a grudge of some sort and in a mafia sort of way, with their shotguns and riding on a blue car they drove through the church gates stopping right in front of the group and started firing (I was on a ledge at the right side of the stairs, John was in front of me with some others). I wasn't shot but I pretended to be dead, John was shot on the arm and he slumped back near me. I remember trying hard not to breathe too deep or else I would be found out and finished off. I whispered to my "uncle" that he should also lie still and pretend to be dead. He asked what my plan was and told me to be careful. It all felt so real, I could feel his weight on my upper arm. I actually felt no pain and in thinking back, I don't think I was shot at all. The dream was cut short when I moved my leg, forcing me to wake up a little and change the dream. Hehehe... kinda weird that I even tried to breathe lightly while sleeping. Small wonder why I couldn't do it.